PAYE workers are entitled to paid holiday

The holiday year runs from January 1st to December 31st. Please remember that it is your responsibility to know when your holiday year expires and to have taken all your leave within that 12 month period. Your payslip reminds you of this date and shows how much holiday pay you have accrued and taken in decimal weeks. We can only pay holiday pay to you when you actually take holidays or when you leave us and ask for your P45 – you need to request any outstanding holiday pay entitlement from us at that time. If you would like to take holiday, please arrange to take time off with the client and notify your Consultant or contact

Timesheets and Payroll Deadlines

Truepark Recruitment’s payroll is run every Tuesday at 12 noon unless it follows a Bank Holiday. We need to have a signed timesheet for your previous week’s hours, or if you work for a client with an automated system, your manager needs to have approved your hours by this time in order for you to get paid. We use the BACS payment system so money sent on a Tuesday will reach your account or your Limited Company’s account by Friday. If you use an umbrella company you will need to contact them to ascertain when they will transfer the funds to your account. Holiday payroll deadlines are published well in advance – please see the News section of this website for further information.

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